Everything created must first be imagined.  Explore the possible and Dare to Dream!

From September to November 2016, we encourage schools and community groups across the length and breadth of the country to join us in storytelling, story making and story sharing activities. We invite you to discover the stories of the past and to dream the stories of the future. All of us together can expand what's possible by telling, listening to and inventing new stories. Use your imagination and Dare to Dream!

There are lots of different ways you can join in. You could create a story, song or some artwork inspired by your dreams. You could invite a local storyteller to visit your school or group. You could build an 'Imagination Station' in your classroom, local library or café. You could organise a local event to inspire others or host a civic conversation to activate the social imagination in your community.  We have worked together with partner organisations to create some great resources and tools for you to use and there are lots of ideas for activities in our #DareToDream Toolkit. Start dreaming and get creative!

Send us your stories, your pictures and photos. Whether a personal dream of yours, an aspiration for the future of your local school, neighbourhood, town or city,  or a dream for the future of the world,  post your dreams online using the hashtag #DareToDream and help us build a colourful crowd-sourced collective dream for our future.

The Power of Storytelling

Storytelling helps us connect - to each other, to our past, to our place, to our world - and together we are empowered by our connections.  In this sense, our campaign reaches for some big themes: active citizenship, creative placemaking, heritage, sustainability, health and recovery, community change and transformation. 

Every place, every community, every person has a story to tell. The kind of stories we tell shape our lives and our worlds, both real and imaginary. Sometimes stories can help us to think about our worlds in new ways.  Dreaming is our birthright: everyone has this capacity. Too often, however, we’re persuaded to believe our voices don’t count or that the future is determined by a powerful few.

The invitation to dream is powerful, but with it comes responsibility. For some of us our dreams might be ambitious and idealistic, for others they might be wee and small - the little things that make life worthwhile.  Dreams are the raw material for transformation and change, but how do we realise our dreams and turn them into actions? How do we live with our dreams?  How do we take responsibility for our dreams, individually and collectively? And where are our dreams happening already? 


Our #DareToDream campaign is inspired by the #DareToImagine campaign in the US, sponsored by the people-powered U.S. Department of Arts and Culture. In October 2015, USDAC worked with dozens of partner organisations to create pop-up 'Imagination Stations' in public spaces nationwide, yielding a crowd-sourced vision of the future, inspiring art, policy, and community action. We'd like to thank USDAC for all their eager encouragement and support for #DareToDream in Scotland! Read more

In these times, social imagination is a radical act, restoring personal and collective agency, shifting dominant narratives, and affirming that all of us make the future. When we have the audacity to dream in public, when we begin to unleash imagination and turn it into action, we can move the world.
— #DareToImagine, U.S. Department of Arts and Culture


If you would like more information, please contact mairi@scottishstorytellingcentre.com