• Bonar Hall, Dundee University, Perth Road
  • DD1 4HN

This event is part of Dundee Literary Festival. Storytelling & Poetry £3/£2 concessions

The social history of our neighbourhood will be brought to life through snatches of the poetry written by Dundonians, inspired by the city and its landscape. Erin Farley, PhD student exploring Poetry, Song and Community in the Industrial Victorian Dundee, will lead this walk, bringing an engaging blend of her own interests – oral history, storytelling and reminiscence, as well as music hall and political poetry – to proceedings. 

Please wear comfortable footwear and weather-appropriate clothing!


Maist fowk ne’er gie’t a thocht,
bit this is a green warld:
its pickle craiturs, birds an beasties
scant ower the face o it,
aa lippin, ae wey or anither,
oan the rowth o stalks an shaws,
fruits, shoots an blades
o things growin  verdant
oot the mool they mak.
This is the wunner, 
the ferlie at the ruit o life.
There’s eejits believe that
the waarld rins oan sillar, 
bit it’s a fu hairst feeds us,
no a jinglin till.

By Leaves We Live, Patrick Geddes, owersettin Ian McFadyen